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How to start a food business

Starting a food business requires a lot of planning. One can have the idea, but the plan is also necessary. You can't just imagine to start a restaurant and start it, or a food factory and do it. Careful planning is absolutely required.  One of the giants of the food...

Some Interesting Facts and What Not about Fried Chicken

The fried chicken that we all love today is a combination of so many foreign influences. First off, based on historical studies, from 7,500 to 5,000 B.C.E., wild fowl were domesticated in Southeast Asia. That was also the same period when stewed chicken from China, the Middle East, and West...

Make Your Morning Refreshing with a Cup of Coffee

Coffee has successfully occupied a part of the human daily schedule work. Be it the early start of the morning or late-night work, a person is always seen to carry a cup of coffee. A prominent question that might strike your mind is why has coffee become so popular? To...

Hunting for the Best Nutrients for Your Toddler?

If you are a new mom and having the first-time experience taking care of your toddler then obviously you are struggling with the type of food to feed your baby. But don’t need to worry about feeding. Because there are multiple nutrients available in the market nowadays which will make...

Experiments to make your Maggi testier than before

Maggi, a brand of Nestle was introduced in the year 1884 and slowly became popular in the global market. As per the wrapper info, if you will consume it in a routine, it will provide 15% of the iron to meet the requirement of your body. Now after serving more...

5 Things That A Cooking Class Will Teach You

Cooking classes are on the rise, fuelled by the demand of young adults looking for a fun and educational experience. If you have never been to a cooking class, then you may be puzzled by this trend. However, people attend cooking classes for a variety of reasons. We dare say...

Know How Eating Pizza Cuts Cancer Risk

Can Pizza Help Prevent Cancer? Now that may seem like a weird statement; pizza helps prevent cancer. However, for the die-hard pizza lovers, this is one of the best things that we have ever heard. Everybody says that pizza is unhealthy and does nothing for you, but it's not the...

Your best guide to order the right pizza online

There is lot of options available for all the pizza lovers out there. From thick crust, spicy veggies, creamy cheese, to juicy ham pieces and crispy thin crust, the joy of gorging on the pizza is above all. Be it with or without cheese-loaded, the toppings on pizza make it...

What Are The Health Benefits Of Ice Cream?

There is a piece of good news for ice cream lovers. There are rarely some people in this world who cannot be made happy with ice cream. These are certainly delicious and the most important part is, these desserts have serious health benefits. So, without much hesitation head towards the...
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