5 Things That A Cooking Class Will Teach You

Cooking classes are on the rise, fuelled by the demand of young adults looking for a fun and educational experience. If you have never been to a cooking class, then you may be puzzled by this trend. However, people attend cooking classes for a variety of reasons. We dare say that there is something for everyone in a cooking class.

With that being said, here are 3 things that a cooking class will teach you.

History & Culture

A critical component of any culture is its food. In fact, you would struggle to describe a culture if you omitted its cuisine. From discussing the origins of the food, its place in history, the way it is prepared or how it is ate, food is quintessentially culture. Conversely, only by understanding the cultural and historical aspects of a dish can you truly appreciate it.

Cooking classes often include information on the various ingredients, cooking techniques and dishes covered. This enriches participants’ understanding and heightens the experience. Food as a piece of culture is also highly importable.

You would be surprised to find that many dishes may not actually originate from the cuisine which they are most commonly associated with. Instead, they may have been brought by immigrants or learned from foreign nations, before locals gave it their own twist.

Expanded Palate

Cooking classes will definitely expand your taste profile by introducing you to new ingredients, methods of cooking and combinations. For many of us, we are often afraid of leaving our comfort zone, be it our current taste preference or existing cooking knowledge.

Yet, if you have never tried, you would never know. Here is where cooking classes can shine, encouraging you to experiment with new tastes and altering them as you see fit. One thing is for sure, you won’t be leaving class without a new opinion about a dish.

Expanding your palate can be a highly interesting process as we mature. Naturally, our taste buds change as we get older. As such, what we liked or disliked 10 years ago is unlikely to be the same today. By exploring new tastes, you might well find that you taste profile has done a 180 U-turn.

Learn the Different Cooking Terminologies

What does it mean to sear, saute, dice or mince? Like any skillset, cooking has its own set of terms and jargons. Understanding the terminology of cooking will help you to better prepare food in line with recipes.

Furthermore, there is often not one strict process for carrying out any of these techniques. Cooking classes teach you to vary your approach and to be confident in playing with them.

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