2Macadamias the unsung superfood

Benefits of Macadamias

  • Rare omega seven for improved body and brain health.
  •  They are Paleo, keto, and vegan-friendly.
  • Low in sugar and carbohydrates.
  • It has disease-fighting and free radical antioxidants.
  • It is easier to digest since they are low in lectins.
  • It lowers cholesterol and fights inflammation.

Despite their superior health and nutritional advantages, Macadamias have not received attention the same as that of cashews, almonds, and peanuts. Up to date, the unprecedented growth and climate requirements of Macadamia, together with their isolated production and farming areas, make them be a target of market exploitation. A lot of entry barriers at the hands of marketing agents, distributors, and wholesalers. It only means that Macadamias came to a point where the price level is high, and just a few people could afford it. Over the last ten years, the price of Macadamia increased four times the initial cost.

South Africa the undercover capital of Macadamia in the world

Many people think of Australia or Hawaii when anyone mentions the name Macadamia. Well, as it is the case, with its adequate conditions for agriculture and farmers who are locally known for being the best of the best. South Africa, at the moment, holds an excellent record in Macadamia’s quality and yields. However, their renowned farming heritage is becoming a frequent target to land attacks and political instability. There are little efforts done to assist up until now.

Macadamia farming challenges

South Africa’s land appropriation is set to begin soon. Most farmers in SA say they’re a target of horrific attacks. Even Agri SA responded to statistics of farm murder. The farms’ attacks are also attacks on the economy- Western Cape strongly condemns attacks of these farms. The position of South African farmer is beyond whites or blacks shenanigans (blood in the dust). AfriForum claims murder incidences are going down because farmers are fighting back. AfriForum is concerned with the increase in attacks on farms. The national assembly adopts land expropriation motion without compensation. Farm attack remains to be one of the leading agricultural challenge (Macadamia farming).

Geological isolation of South Africa means that farmers must depend on costly brokers to push their products to the market. It is increasingly making the price of Macadamias to go up. It makes it even harder for farmers to make ends meet.

We decided to change that

By forming an association with excellent farmers in South Africa. We now can move across these savings directly to you. We will additionally be able to make these Premium Nut available at an affordable cost. Out Macadamia products and nuts are afterward put in packets within a simple drive all over the South African Farms. All of this ensures more cost-effective and freshness in the supply chain. There are no scenarios of cutting corners, no middlemen, and this ensures there is true plant-farm to the table. The close partnership with farmers in the supply chain gives us the ability to come up with quality and premium Macadamia Superfoods in a way that isn’t achievable up to now.