Best Ninja Coffee Bar Coffee Maker For Home Owners

No matter what you do, whether walking in a park, working or meeting with friends, a cup of coffee is always a good idea. You are heading to dunkin’ donuts, Starbucks, Tim Horton’s or other famous coffee shops to grab a perfect cup of coffee. You rely on a professional barista who is expert of coffee and use his knowledge for making a tasty coffee for you. How would you like if you could get the same experience at home? It can only be possible when you get your own coffee maker for your home. There are many kinds of coffee makers available in the market, which are not only professional but you can also save a lot of money you spend on coffee. 

There are so many coffee makers brands available in the market but Ninja coffee maker is ultimate brand which beats other brands. In this article we are going to tell you about the best Ninja Coffee Makers for home owners who can choose one of them for their homes. 

1.Ninja CFO86 Coffee Bar

As we have mentioned above there is no other brand in the market that beats the quality of Ninja coffee maker. Ninja brand is very popular brand because of its quality and cost effective products. Ninja coffee bar coffee maker has so many functions and characteristics, that is why this one is famous in the market. You can brew your own barista style coffee at home by this coffee maker any time. 

Preview of Ninja CFO86 Coffee Bar

Full name: Ninja CFO86 Coffee Bar Brewer

Price: From $119

Product: 27.30*26.67*37.79 cm; 4.1 kg/

Dimensions: 10.75*10.5*14.88 inches; 10.15 lbs

Voltage: 120V. 60 Hz

Power: 1,400 Watts

Water Tank: 43 fl.oz

Serving Size: cup/ Travel/ Half Carafe/ Full Carafe

Brew Types: + 

Programmable Delay Bre: + (24-hr)

Hot Water Function: +

Total Impression: 9

These were the few features we described above. You can check its book for more knowledge and pros and cons.

2.Ninja CE202 Programmable Coffee Maker

If you are looking at versatile coffee makers this CE201 programmable coffee maker is for you. It comes with bells and whistles that make a Ninja coffee maker stand out. Its price is affordable any budget people can buy it. Its 11 cup capacity coffee maker but you can also brew less than that if you want. 

Details of Ninja CE201 Programmable Coffee Maker

Capacity: 11 Cups

Brew Settings: Classic and Rich Brews

Programmable: Yes

Size; 8.74*9.94*14.61 inches

Carafe: 60 oz

Temperature Hot Plates: Yes

Programmable Timer: 24 Hours

Total Impression: 9

Bottom Line

Nina brand is undoubtedly versatile brand in the field of coffee makers. This brand does not need of any introduction. It provides what it promises with its customers. Due to its versatility it is becoming more famous among coffee lovers. You can brew your own barista style coffee at home any time and save a lot of money. Its many other brands available in the market you can also check them before purchasing, according to your choice and preference. Visit Espresso Gurus for more information. 



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