Water Buffalo Meat: Lean and Healthy Protein Source

For water buffalo, you would see that there are major four uses- meat, milk, hides and the horns as the by-products and are also used as a draught animal in certain countries. This animal has or in other words, the meat of this animal has several benefits and would be a great replacement in case you do not want the regular beef. 

Here you would learn all about the usual health benefits that you would get to enjoy from the water buffalo meat. 

With nutritional qualities and being very lean meat, this is how it is known in the nutrition world. Many people who love meat but are health conscious as well, could change the way of eating meat and easily go for this kind of meat. 

When you would research on the nutritional values or qualities of this meat, you would come across omega 3, a fatty acid which is often most of the time found in various marine and plants and would help you to lower your triglycerides. If you are a health-conscious food lover, then this could be a great option. 

This meat contains fewer amounts of fat and cholesterol and thus would not harm your daily regime. This would be a great choice of food that you could include in your food charts. Also, keep in mind that buying this kind of meat that comes from fully grass fed animal and fresh from local farmers would be the best. Don’t have local farmers raising water buffaloes near you?  Buffalo Valley Pastures is an organic farm in Pennsylvania that can get your meat delivered in any part of the United States without any hassle. 

Health Benefits of Water Buffalo Meat 

According to various reports and studies that have been conducted, the significantly lower fat content in the meat and the lean muscle is a vital part of why a lot of people would prefer it. It is also less prone to marbling which would be the white flecks of fat that you would see in between the meat. 

When compared to beef, it contains less than 43% of cholesterol than beef. Also, when you consume top quality water buffalo meat, you would be enjoying some health benefits as well including affecting your cardiovascular risk profiles. It would lower the pulse wave velocity. 

You could seek out this website to look for farmers near you who would be able to provide you with fresh water buffalo meat, grassfed beef, pastured chicken and pork and other organic natural food produced by family farmers, which are beneficial for your and family’s health.