What Can We Use Instead Of Saffron?

What is the most expensive spice around the world? It’s saffron, right! So every food lover and person who really interest in spices knows the value of it. It’s commonly used in cuisines related to European, Middle Eastern, and Eastern. Other than culinary use, it is used to produce perfume and as a clothing dye. 

Why is it so expensive?

This is mainly because of the cost of production of saffron. It requires large number labor to produce 1 gram of saffron. 

Are there any alternatives to saffron?

If you can’t bear the cost of saffron, you can use its substitutes for your favorite cuisines. We have listed few alternatives to saffron below.


Turmeric is one of the commonly used and famous herbs among food lovers. It’s dark yellow in color and gives some unique flavor to your favorite cuisines. Turmeric is powerful in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. You can use this for pasta, casserole, risotto, biryani, and making sources.


Cardamom is also a famous herb across the globe. It has a sweet, spicy, and earthy taste and commonly use in some dishes. You can use this for rice, soups, sources. You can easily find cardamom from the nearest grocery store or supermarket, and it has a strong aroma and flavor than saffron.


Paprika is a widely used spice in Europe. This is commonly used for the famous Spanish Paella recipe. You can use this wonderful herb also as an alternative to saffron. But when you are going to use this herb, mix it with turmeric to add some same flavor as saffron.


This is one of the famous alternatives to saffron. This herb belongs to the daisy family and is commonly used to make Safflower oil. You can add this superb and colorful herb to your favorite recipe to make it tasty.


Hope you got an idea about saffron and its substitutes. Use this wonderful and valuable herb to your desired recipe and enjoy life.