Your best guide to order the right pizza online

There is lot of options available for all the pizza lovers out there. From thick crust, spicy veggies, creamy cheese, to juicy ham pieces and crispy thin crust, the joy of gorging on the pizza is above all. Be it with or without cheese-loaded, the toppings on pizza make it worth bingeing on. Ordering the pizza online or over the phone should be done aptly to get a hot, delicious piece of pizza on time. We are spoilt for choice as there are a lot of varieties of pizzas in the bistro or café or pizza outlets. It becomes tough to select the right pizza or order that wholly suits our palate. If you happen to be in the same category, worry not! Here is a guide to help you pizza delivered to your door step in the way you want it.

One of the best and easiest methods to order a pizza is via online. Food can be ordered via third party food ordering apps or pizza outlet’s official sites.

Online method  

The very first step that you need to do is determine on a pizza outlet or brand that you would like to place order from. You can choose the place depending on the distance to your home; usually, the outlets serve to nearby locations, within the estimated time of delivery. You can check on apps to see the variety in which you can place the order from a particular restaurant or café or pizza branch.

Once after you decided the pizza outlet, the next step is to go through the menu. Some restaurant will have limited choice for online order; you can check all varieties of pizzas available at the selected outlet to decide the perfect pizza you need.

Placing the order

The pizzas come in small, medium and large size proportions; the size you can choose depending on how many people are going to share the slices. Small pizza is good if you’re eating all alone, while medium can be shared with 2 to 3 people, while the large one with 3 to 4 people approximately.

Select the type and add-ons as per your preference or add any instructions to the restaurant or delivery guy. Give the right address (along with landmark), phone number and select the payment method of your convenience.

Make use of this ultimate guide to order a pizza like a pro. livraison Double Pizza has lot of varieties in their list and you can check their menu options now.