All You Need to Know About Kopi Luwak Coffee 

A perfect cup of coffee comes from high-quality coffee beans and their unique methods of processing. But along with high-quality comes a high price. Various exotic coffee species are very costly. Here is everything you need to know about the most prized and notorious coffee- the kopi luwak. 

What is a kopi luwak coffee?

It is arguably one of the most expensive yet famous coffees in the world. The reason behind the fame is: The beans are present in the droppings of the Asian Palm Civet of Indonesia. The mammal loves to eat the finest of these cherries. In the term kopi luwak, kopi means coffee, whereas Luwak means Civet, an Asian cat-like mammal with a monkey-like tail. 

How is this famed coffee made?

The Civet eats the raw coffee berries, digests them, and expels out the beans. The presence of seeds or beans in the civet droppings gives the title civet coffee. The beans undergo washing multiple times thoroughly and are later sun-dried. Pounding the beans in mortar and pestle removes the skin. The next step is the selection of the best of these cat poop coffee beans. The last part of the process is roasting the chosen beans like other coffee beans. 

Health Benefits of The Unique Coffee

The cat poop coffee has antibacterial properties that help in keeping your teeth clean and healthy. It has low acidic levels, unlike other coffees, making it suitable for patients with ulcers and digestive disorders. The monkey poop coffee (named so, as civets have monkey-like tails) is also rich in antioxidants- the compounds with a variety of benefits. It is also abundant in malic acid. It is the compound that reduces muscle pain after a heavy workout session. 

How to identify the real kopi luwak coffee beans?

Due to its high demand and signature high price, fake Luwak coffee beans are also roaming the markets. But how to differentiate between the real beans and the fake beans? The original seeds are of uniform size, yellow-green, and don’t have any black spots. The fragrance of civet coffee is also more potent than regular coffee. 

Is this infamous coffee safe for consumption?

A monkey poop coffee might sound unsafe for consumption, but it is safe to drink. The beans are thoroughly washed and cleaned to remove any residue of droppings. Roasting at a high temperature kills any bacteria that might have survived the cleansing rounds.

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