Burger in Australia’s capital – Canberra

Australia is world-renowned for its beef, which makes it one of the best places to eat thetastiest burgers in the world. Tender, juicy, mouthwatering, and full of flavor -Australia is full of burgers that you could onlydream about and that you will crave long after your last bite.

From Sydney to Canberra and all the way to Gold Coast, you’ll find many delicious burgers wherever you go in Australia. With that many choices, it’s hard to decide where to go for the best burger.

So, during my travelsto Australia,apart from enjoying the beauty of this country, I tried many foods,especially burgers. In search of the best burgers in Australia, I have traveled to various cities all over Australia andI have encountered some of the most piled-high, saucy, toppings filled, and tasty burgers in the world.

And among all the different burgers I have tried, Milky lane in Canberra stole my heart. It’s so satisfying holding a juicy burger and devouring every last mouthful. The capital really surprised me with such a great burger experience.

Fun fact: Canberra was built between Melbourne and Sydney to solve the historical debate over which city should be capital. Until 1927 Melbourne was the capital of Australia.

Many of you might be thinking there are lots of famous burger joints in Australia, but how come I love Milky Lane’s burger more? And this is a genuine question, as many of you might not have heard about it unless you really are adiehard fan of burgers.

So, let me share with you my experience on how I ended up at Milky Lane, Canberra, during my burger hunt and my experience was at Milky Lane Canberra.

Four of my friends, and myselfwere enjoying our trip toAustralia’s capital and we decided to visit the colorful Lonsdale Street Traders stores in Braddon – an inner north suburb of Canberra. After a few hours of exploring Lonsdale Street, we all were starving. It was time for some snacks, so we all decided we wanted something indulgent and delicious, like a burger.

Like others, when you are in a brand new place and don’t know where to eat, Google can save your day. Instead of Googling for the best restaurant in Braddon, I googled the best burgers in Braddon (what can you expect from a burger lover). I checked their reviews and website, after seeing the images of burgers and compliments from customers, I could not stop myself from trying it.

So it was decided! Let’s go to Milky Lane for some burgers. Once we reached there, with no delay, I jumped into their menu, Big L, Lil Weezy, Chic-Kanye, Milky lane –The list of burgers was so overwhelming. How can someone come up with such creative menu names? It was so difficult to decide which one to try, each and every burger looked so delicious.

We went with the Big L and Milky Lane burger. The decision to visit Milky Lane, and trying these burgers is one of the best decisions I made during my trip. It’s hard to put into words, the juiciness and the fresh beef made the burger perfect. I could not imagine anything better than this. Not to mention the special fries, they were even better and incredibly crispy.

And the best thing was we can customize the burger to our choice like extra cheese, gluten-free burgers, vegan buns, crispy bacon, and many more – whatever fits your taste. It’s the perfect place to eat a burger in Braddon.

We did eat the delicious pop Korn chicken, it was so crispy and juicy, and the gravy was too delightful, yummy!! The desserts were also so good – the perfect dessert after a perfect burger. For the first time in my life, my stomach was so full.

The atmosphere is pretty cool, funky, and for additional fun, there was a DJ on the spot. Also, the staff were so friendly that we never felt like we were far from home.

I highly recommend this place to every burger lover. If you want to treat yourself and really overindulge in some greasy food. Milky Lane, Canberra is definitely worth a try!

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