What is Soursop Tea Good For?

Soursop is much more than a tasty fruit. Not only is it great for snacking, but it’s also used as a tea and has lots of incredible health benefits.

If you’re unfamiliar with using soursop for health, you may be wondering, “What is soursop tea good for?” Well, we’ll answer that question and more below. Just keep reading.

What Is Soursop?

Soursop is a fruit with a lot of names. Guanabana, Soursop, cherimoya, custard apple,  Brazilian paw paw, and Annona muricata are all common names for this fruit.

It’s a tropical fruit that looks a lot like a spiky avocado. However, the inside resembles a white passionfruit. Soursop grows in tropical regions like Africa, South America, and Southeast Asia.

The fruit itself has a smooth texture and is similar to pineapples and strawberries. Soursop is widely used in fruit juice and ice cream, and it’s delicious!

What Is Soursop Tea Good For?

Believe it or not, there are actually many health benefits of soursop tea. It’s loaded with vitamin C, which is an antioxidant that helps to boost the immune system. In fact, an entire soursop fruit consists of 215% of the suggested daily allowance of Vitamin c.

Here are a few other of its benefits:

Minimizes Inflammation

Soursop has anti-oxidants that reduce damage to your cells that are triggered by oxidative stress. Inflammation is one of the negative effects of oxidative stress. Therefore, the antioxidants found within soursop minimize inflammation throughout the body.

Combats Bacteria

Soursop is also good for providing antibacterial benefits. It’s been known to kill bacteria strains that create cavities and gum disease. It also fights against staph infection and cholera bacteria.

Blood Pressure Stabilization

Potassium is known to eliminate sodium from the blood vessels, which aids in lowering blood pressure. Soursop fruit contains up to 1/2 of the suggested daily allowance of potassium. So, drinking soursop tea improves your blood pressure while also protecting you from heart disease and heart attack.

Better Digestion

Another one of the reasons to use soursop tea is for digestion. It has about 83% of the fiber that your body needs on a daily basis. As you may know, fiber is an essential nutrient required for digestive health.

For individuals who suffer from constipation, soursop promotes regular bowel movements and prevents issues like constipation.

Anti-Cancer Properties

Although there hasn’t been much research regarding this, studies have found that soursop reduces the size of breast cancer tumors. It also has the ability to kill cancer cells. Not only that, but this incredible fruit could also prevent the formation of leukemia cells.

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Essential Reasons to Use Soursop Tea

You can’t go wrong with drinking soursop tea. There are so many good health benefits to doing so, and it’s a delicious fruit. That’s the perfect combination! What’s even better, it’s super easy to incorporate tea drinking into your daily routine.

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