Do you love eating cheese? Know how to store each variant

Tasting cheese in the morning is a habit that many people maintain. Besides being nutritious, cheeses can be combined with a variety of foods. It can be a nice breakfast, a family lunch or snacks for afternoon visits. It really doesn’t matter what the occasion is, cheese is always welcome. But it’s not enough to just buy it online from Cheese lover shop, it’s also necessary to know how to store cheese so that it remains tasty and healthy for long.

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Taste and store the cheese

Tasting cheese is always a tasty experience, but the challenge is how to store cheese after purchase, always maintaining quality and its original flavor. Some tips are very important and will make all the difference. There are not many rules on how to store cheese, but the key is to keep the cheese always refrigerated after opening. It is practically a great option if you keep the cheese in the vegetable drawer.

Another tip is to always check the cheese’s expiration date and the time it can be consumed after opening. The cheeses can be stored in their original packaging, or even in plastic containers with a lid. But avoid putting different cheeses in the same container, so that the flavors and smells do not mix. Buy your favorite cheese from Cheese lover shop at affordable prices.

According to the variants

The idea is to always remove the cheese from the refrigerator 40 minutes before serving and always clean the knife, so as not to use it when cutting different cheeses. Doing it also affects original flavor. But remember: each cheese has a particularity and deserves special attention.

White cheese

Before opening the white cheese package, it is necessary to wash the hand and the cheese with mineral water. This will remove all the accumulated whey. As white cheese contains little fat, when opened, it can be consumed in up to 3 days in the refrigerator. However, if you store the cheese in a clean, closed jar, and wash it whenever possible, it can last longer.

Harder cheeses

These cheeses tend to be a little whitish after opening. In this case, just wipe with a cloth containing water and salt, dry the cheese and then consume normally, without the rind. If the cheese has mold, remove the moldy part, as the mold takes time to penetrate the content.

Yellow cheeses

Always keep this cheese in the refrigerator, preferably in the vegetable drawer, as it is a less cold and more humid place, you can also wrap these cheeses with plastic wrap or tissue paper.

Blue cheeses

They should always be stored in closed jars, with an absorbent paper underneath, thus avoiding “smearing” the cheese crust.


For some people, knowing how to store cheese is always a challenge. However it is important to always keep the cheese in a closed jar, but also have enough space for it to “breathe”. Also add absorbent paper to absorb moisture. With these tips, we are sure that all fans of this delicacy already know how to store cheeses, so they can last longer, like their moments of flavor.

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