Factors to Consider When Designing a Terrace for Your Restaurant or Bar

Adding a terrace to your establishment serves several purposes. It can be an extension of the space you already have or it can serve to add an element of beauty to your establishment.

Regardless of its purpose, a terrace is always a good idea for a bar or restaurant if you can make it work. The following are some of the major considerations we at Dawnvale have to make before building a terrace:


The location of a terrace in an establishment like a bar or restaurant is very important especially considering the space limitations. The terrace’s location should ideally be where it can be as spacious as possible.

The terrace should also be accessible from the inside of the establishment which will also influence its location. If possible you should make the terrace accessible from the outside too.

A terrace can also be used to offer customers a great view of a certain area. If so it should be ideally located where customers can enjoy the view at all times.

Experiencing a sunset or sunrise when dining or having a drink can be especially thrilling.


A terrace will need walls and a floor of course. Restaurant and bar owners have a wide variety of options when designing their bar as it pertains to wall and floor materials.

You can start decorating your terrace right from the floor. You may choose materials such as wood or marble each with its own characteristics. Wood for example adds an element of warmth to the terrace. A stone or marble floor will ooze class and elegance.

Even when choosing stone or wood, you have to choose a type. Since a terrace will be outdoors, it is best to choose sturdy and durable materials.


If the customers of your bar or terrace are going to enjoy your bar in any way, then you will have to provide them with the adequate furniture. Considering that customers who prefer the terrace will spend a lot of time out there especially during summer, it is best to strive for comfort.

Your terrace will not be as large as the indoor seating space so though you may want your customers to be comfortable, space restrictions may cause some problems.

Let your chairs be comfortable and functional utilizing all the available space.


When you add a terrace to your establishment, you should ensure that it can be used at any time for any purpose. It should not be restricted in any way whatsoever.

One way to make the terrace more versatile is to give it adequate protection from the elements. If there is protection from the sun during summer and a heating during winter, your establishment will have a constant supply of customers.

The space of your terrace should also allow for multiple uses. It should be large enough to accommodate many customers or event host a private party.

The decoration of the terrace should also be done to allow for maximum versatility. There are many decorative ideas that can be sued for a multitude of settings.