6 Outrageous Appetizer and Wine Pairings.

It is pretty normal to have some appetizers and snacks with wine. People normally drink wine with their meals as well, but it depends which wine they are consuming. Let’s talk about the appetizers and wine pairings which are famous around the Globe. Wine pairings always work when they taste better with wine. Also, you need to make sure it does not taste bad or heavy afterwards. So, the texture, quantity, and taste matters a lot! Drinkers absolutely enjoy appetizers with wine because it enhances the taste and you can sip it gradually. We will be discussing the wines and their pairings in detail so you can have the complete idea what you are serving and trying! For an easy and hurdle free pairing you can look around and buy gin online.


  1. Cheese with Wine

Cheese and wine is known to be an iconic match. Why? Because you can have cheese appetizer with any wine and it balances the flavor of tannin. Cheese is high in protein, so what you need to remember is to always serve cheese and wine with similar intensity. You can serve less ingredients pasta with wine, it makes best the combo. Wines that have around 14.5% ABV have more intensity and they taste a lot better with more intensive flavored cheese. Whereas, wines that have around 12% ABV have less intensity as compared to the other one and they can go better with exquisite flavored cheese. Since the cheese is all salty, drinkers love to pair it up with wine. Normally hard cheese goes best with medium bodied wines like Cabernet Sauvignon and Rioja. Cheese that is used as a spread can be paired up with Pinot Noir. Goat cheese perfectly goes with Souvignon Blanc, it is a classic match. Melted cheese is the most difficult one to pair up, so we think it is nice pairing with white wines. There are other cheese categories that you can utilize but these are the famous one which we have mentioned and suggested above. Enjoy!

  1. Bread with Wine

Bread is light and can be served with any wine. There are many categories for bread. Let’s discuss the French Bread which is popular for being the lightest bread. This bread can easily be paired up with Sauvignon Cabernet, its bold taste blends up with french bread amazingly and it makes a classic combination. Next one is whole wheat bread. This bread has some flavors and you can balance this up with refreshing rose wine. Rose wine is light and sparkling that it easily goes with many appetizers. Isn’t that cool? The color of rose wine itself looks so soothing. Another bread is rye bread, it has a slightly sour taste and you can pair this up with Pinot noir. And the last one is sweet bread, this bread comes with raisins and nuts and has numerous other styles. Since it has nuts inside you can choose Riesling for this one because of its fruity flavors. Have a memorable experience with different kinds of breads!

  1. Nuts with Wine

Nuts are popular to serve with wine. Why? It is because of their taste and texture, also contains proteins and fiber. Some of them are salty, some sweet and some sour. The crispy and light texture makes it better having it with wine. Nuts are also healthy and nutritious. Never give nuts before wine, they balance when you serve them while having wine, it passed the time as well. Nuts are based on different characteristics like other appetizers. Raw almonds have sweet taste and pairing it with Chardonnay is best, whereas toasted almonds goes fine with Pinot Noir. Salted nuts are perfect for Sauvignon Blanc and Dry rose. Sparkling wine can be paired up as well. Red wines are suggested for smoked nuts. Sweet nuts are preferred for Pinot Noir and Rioja. A tip is there that always pairs sweet with sweet or sweet blends with acidity. It is a great experience for anyone who has not tried this. It will be a memorable, crispy and salty experience for you guys. Try it now!

  1. Seafood with Wine

Seafood is a lot better than having meat. Do you want to know about it? It is because it tastes mild, whereas meat has such rich flavours and is heavy to consume. Seafood is usually kept with white wines. It gives a luxury dinner or lunch ambiance, which everyone likes. There is another reason why it is preferred, because the sauces used in seafood have many categories, with sweet wine you can try a sweet sauce, why sour wine you can try a sour one. It is up to you what you like and what fulfills your taste buds. Cod pairs best with Pinot Gris and Blanc. For crab and lobster, you can pair it with Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio. White wines perfectly combine with Oyster. There are many options just like these, you can eat whatever you like based on your capacity and flavours.

  1. Chocolates with Wine

This pairing is one of the classic pairings, but you need to make sure you serve the right one because it is a quite technical and complicated pairing to do. To have an amazing experience, always remember one thing that always starts with sweet chocolate like milky or white ones. Dark chocolate has a bitter taste that’s why it is liked by less people. We need to balance the bitterness of dark chocolate while serving it with wine, and it perfectly goes fine with Chinata and Sherry type wines, red wines are best for dark chocolate, it compliments its bitterness. For milk chocolate, white wines are best like Mascato, but avoid serving red wines with this, it will become pretty hard to combine and digest, you can also pair it up with sparkling wine. Coming to white chocolate, it can be paired up with Muscat and Pinot Noir, it has rich flavours and high butter with cream so we do not want to destroy the taste of wine.

  1. Fruit with Wine

Fruit is an exquisite pairing with wine, but serves mild taste fruits in a platter like apples, peaches etc. It can be served with any kind of wine because it is not heavy and can be consumed while sipping it. Try not to serve acidic fruits, it might react, like bananas.

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