Grilling steak for the summer: The love for great food!

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If you love grilled meats, summer is the perfect time to try your luck with cooking. Contrary to what some people may think, grilling steaks can be a lot more time consuming than cooking meat on a pan. Grilling has to be perfect, and if you are in mood to just try something juicy and well-prepped on a lazy Sunday, your best bet is a steak house. Names like Rib’N Reef steakhouse offer incredible steaks in Montreal. In this post, we are decoding what it means to grill your steak at home and some of the basic aspects that need attention.

Grilling options

There are two simple ways of grilling meats – You can either choose to use a gas barbeque, or can grill the meat/steak on a charcoal grill. Most people love steaks for the smoky flavor and rice aroma, which basically comes from charcoal grilling. While charcoal grilling can take considerable time and effort, the results are amazing – your steak will have a crusty upper, with a juicy inside. The cut of the meat is more of a personal choice. You can go for any cut with some fat, so that the steak doesn’t taste try and chewy. New York strip is a good choice in general.

Seasoning the meat

Your meat steak needs some prepping. Start by ensuring that the meat is at room temperature, and you can season it with some salt and pepper. Allow at least 30 minutes for the meat to rest, so that the seasoning seeps in, and if you are in mood for some extra flavors, consider making a marinade. There are ready steak marinades available in the market, but nothing beats the taste of a fresh mix. In case you don’t want a marinade, throw in some dried spices of your choice.

Grilling the steaks

For that, you want to divide your grill into two sections. One side should have hot charcoal grill, while the other side needs to be the cooling zone. The seasoned steaks must be placed on the hot plates for searing on both the sides and then cook the steaks on a slow flame, depending on how you like it. You can consider investing in a meat thermometer. The temperature to look at for well-done steak is around 140F.

Serve your steak with some salad, creamy mashed potatoes or seasoned veggies sautéed for a few minutes – The summer fun is ready!

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