Infrared grill – what is it?

Grilling with infrared technology is becoming increasingly popular nowadays. Meat can be grilled faster and hotter. An infrared grill differs from the well-known grill forms because it is worked with radiant heat, which, in contrast to classic grills, only arises upon impact. You can imagine this as the radiation of the sun, in which the air is not heated, but the energy is transferred into heat only upon impact. That’s why in Winter you can sit around the freezing point with a T-Shirt in the sun and still not freeze. In the classic Grill, however, convection heat is generated. The flame of the burner heats the air and it heats the grilled food. A built-in infrared burner in the gas grill or a side burner with infrared technology is a useful addition to any outdoor kitchen.

  • Faster Grilling.
  • Temperatures up to 800 degrees.
  • Meat remains juicier and has a crunchy crust.
  • Available as a feature in the gas grill, as side burner or top heat grill.

Perfect steaks with the infrared grill

The topic of infrared has become increasingly important in the Outdoor Cooking and Grill sector in recent years. A few years ago, the infrared technology for grilling was reserved only for professionals, but infrared burners are now also available in the middle price segment at Grills. Initially, in the form of Rotisserie or special grill spit burners, infrared grills are now available as an independent burner under the grill grate or as a side burner. More and more manufacturers rely on infrared technology and infrared burners are part of many gas grills equipment. The retrofitting of an infrared burner is also possible with some Grills. The standard equipment of many Premium Grills today also includes the infrared rotisserie burner, which ensures crispy and juicy roasts, chicken or Gyros. These infrared grill burners produce temperatures of up to 800 degrees and are especially in demand with Steak lovers to grill the meat briefly. A ceramic plate is made to glow by small gas nozzles and releases the high temperatures in the form of infrared heat to the meat. Over the years, the infrared burners in the Grills have also become increasingly efficient. Whereas initially 50% “hot air” was produced, modern infrared burners now emit their energy almost completely as infrared radiation.

Advantages and disadvantages of the infrared grill

The biggest advantage of the infrared grill is that it can reach much higher temperatures and thus heat up much faster than other grills can. It is not uncommon for the infrared grill to reach temperatures of several hundred degrees within a few minutes. An infrared burner can achieve up to 800 degrees, in contrast to a gas grill that only reaches 350-400 degrees.

Fast grilling at particularly high temperatures is, therefore, the greatest advantage of an infrared grill. As a result, the surface proteins of the outer meat cells caramelize and the meat remains beautifully juicy and tender.

If you work with an infrared burner on your gas grill, in most cases the grill material is briefly seared on the infrared Zone. This creates great Branding and the meat juice is sealed inside. Then take the barbecue into the normal grill area and drag it to the desired core temperature. So you get with an infrared grill particularly juicy barbecue results with a pink core and a great grill pattern from the outside.

Due to the immense power of an infrared grill, it is more difficult to prepare food such as fish and vegetables with such a Grill. For this type of barbecue, an infrared grill simply heats up too much. Meat, on the other hand, can be optimally prepared with an infrared grill – but this requires a lot of practice. At the first attempt with an infrared grill, you probably do not conjure up the perfect steak. But after some uses, you too can enjoy the benefits of infrared grilling.

Widespread weaknesses in Grills

Many of my guides to buying barbecues for your home contain many details regarding the structure of your barbecue area and the type of grilling, such as how it looks or how it fits the existing fireplace or oven, the problem is that most of these details are quite difficult to identify or find, so the only way to learn these details of your barbecue is to buy one.

In which Shop Do you ideally buy Grills?

I know that many of you are interested in the Grill of your dreams, and we have many reviews about the best Grills and ovens, I have some that I have personally tested and rated, and today we will look at the best Grills you can get for under $200.

Relevant for an acquisition: quality of the Grills

You must check the quality of the grill before buying and not buy anything without checking that the quality of the grills is very good. The following report is a brief explanation of the Grills available on this website. If you are interested in the more expensive and high-quality Grills, you need to take care of them yourself.

Grills-the advantages

They have a wide range of sizes, are robust and very easy to care for, if you live in a cold climate, barbecues are a must for the summer, you can get a Grill with a gas flame and a propane gas cylinder as well as a charcoal grill plate, many models also have a wood or metal floor that can be heated.

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