Is Ragi flour good for kids?

Ragi is one of the most nourishing foods a child can have. Filled with nutrients and antioxidants, Ragi is known to be one of the healthiest options in flour. Its popularity over the decades may have gone down due to the rise of rice, but Ragi is still deemed as the best flour to improve the overall well-being of children and adults alike. But how is Ragi flour good for kids? Read to find out.

Ragi is brimming with Calcium and Protein

Ragi has one of the most impressive compositions. It is high in calcium which is widely known to help strengthen bones. The calcium available in Ragi is as significant as 344mg in 100gm of Ragi! Ragi is widely known to increase bone density in children and helps them live a balanced life. It also helps prevent bone fractures and osteoporosis. Calcium also helps in the teething of babies which makes Ragi a must for toddlers!

Ragi flour is rich in protein too, which is a vital supplement for the growth of children. Usually, vegetarians are unable to have the right amount of protein intake since they avoid meat. In that case, Ragi acts as a preferred way to get the required protein intake too. The plant-based amino acids present in Ragi also strengthen their gums and oral health in general.

Ragi flour is gluten-free and filled with antioxidants

With children who have trouble with gluten, Ragi being gluten-free comes as a relief. Ragi flour consists of antioxidants that help build better immunity and fight infections among children. Ragi also helps keep bodies cool on summer days and is perfect for children as they usually spend hours outside in the summer sun.

Ragi flour contains natural high fibres

Ragi flour is abundant in natural high fibres that do not dissolve too easily during digestion.  They hence keep children’s tummies full for lengthier periods. Children feeling full results in less snacking and eating more mindful foods. These fibres also nourish skin and hair and help in constipation or indigestion! They also help better brain and heart health and keep a proper check on blood sugar levels too.

All these nutrients help make Ragi a finger millet that helps reduce depression and anxiety in children by keeping them mentally active. It also helps increase growth hormones in their developing bodies.

If you are looking for a great Ragi flour that is sourced from the best fields in the country and made with 100% whole Ragi, then Aashirvaad Ragi Flour is the perfect option. It is made with the wholesomeness of whole Ragi and provides all the great nutrients like Calcium, proteins, Iron and high fibres. It is thoroughly sanitised before packed as the company keeps hygiene at a top priority.

Ragi dishes that you can give to children

One of the most basic dishes you can make out of Ragi flour is Ragi Rotis. Other than Rotis, Ragi dosas and Idlis are quite the rage in South India. In Maharashtra, Ragi Bhakris and laddoos too are made out of Ragi flour and fed to children. Just adding water and salt to Ragi flour makes a porridge, or Ragi Kanji and is a potent baby food that has been fed to toddlers for many generations in India, proving just how Ragi flour is good for kids. Some other dishes that can be made with Ragi flour include Ragi Mudde, Ragi Paneer cutlet, Ragi Halwa and Ragi buttermilk.