Make Your Restaurant Menu a Profit Producer

Designing a restaurant menu is a combination of art and science. The infographic below, Menu Engineering: How Psychology Increases Restaurant Profits, does a great job of illustrating how to utilizedesign artistry and psychological to create an eye-catching menu that gently influences patrons to dine on your most profitable items. The piece is essential reading for restaurant owners/managers and any restaurant or marketing personnel involved with menu design and engineering.

Understanding eye-scanning patterns is critically important for deciding which food items go where on the restaurant menu. By positioning high-profit items where patrons are sure to see them, and low-profit items where they may not, you will most likely start serving more of the former and fewer of the latter. Psychological principles of item placement can even be usedfor price testing. For instance, you have a popular entree with a low profit margin — every restaurant has a few of those. By increasing the price and placing it in a prominent area of the menu, you stand to make the item even more popular and noticeably increase profitability.

To learn more about making your menu produce more profits, continue reading below.

Infographic provided by Restohub

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