What is Saffron, and how is it used?

Being a highly coveted plant, Saffron has various benefits, and this spice has been in use since the prehistoric period. This spice is acquired from the Saffron plant’s stigma. People are curious to know what is Saffron used for, and then there are way too many answers for the query. From delicious dishes to medicinal benefits, Saffron does everything as it infuses several good components. Before you make a purchase, get to know about the scrumptious spice that improves every dish’s flavor, and here is everything you need to know about Saffron.

The cost of Saffron

One thing that bugs customers is the price of the spice. Whenever you see the Saffron for sale, the first thing people notice is the cost. As labor costs are high to produce the spice, the best Saffron is sold at an unbelievable price. The mesmerizing fact is that a pound of Saffron necessitates more than seventy thousand blossoms to deliver quality. It takes time and effort to produce the Saffron. Though the price range is high, it never stopped consumers from buying it. The spice’s medicinal properties captivate the attention of health enthusiasts, and the usage of the precious spice in cuisines keeps on heaving in the years to come.

A little bit of history

If you wonder how Saffron made it through centuries and still is in use, it is used for several reasons. It’s not just in recent years, but Saffron has been a highly coveted spice even before several centuries. It is reported that the Saffron harvest took place even before thousands of years. Countless ancient medical books have the reference of Saffron. The name of the spice is derived from the Arabic word Zaffran which means yellow. Many emperors in and around the world were trading the spice after understanding it’s value. Saffron is now one of the highly coveted spices in use regardless of the price increase. People buy to utilize a good spice that helps them to procure a healthy life.

What is Saffron used for?

For thousands of years, Saffron has been utilized as an essential ingredient and natural medicine. Rich in antioxidants, the spice proved that capability to keep your body away from hazardous viruses and bacteria. Moreover, it is considered a better alternative to many antidepressant drugs.

How to buy Saffron?

Saffron is available in numerous grocery stores, or you can also procure it from online shopping websites. It is essential to purchasing the best saffron threads instead of going for ground saffron for sale. By doing so, you can identify whether the Saffron you buy is fake or not. Saffron powder quickly loses flavor and can be adulterated with counterfeits.

The saffron savor

This highly-priced spice delivers earthy flavor with a minute influence of flowers, fruits, and honey tastes. The flavor is because of numerous chemicals present in Saffron.


Saffron is one of the spices predominantly used across the globe. Though the price is as high as Saffron’s value, it is essential to buy authentic Saffron. We hope you have an idea of what Saffron is used for and how it helps people lead a healthy life.

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