5 Important Features You Should Expect In The Best Induction Cooktop

As induction cooking is growing in popularity, more and more buyers are moving towards induction cooktops since they are simply better option than gas or electric cooktops. However, the feedback on such options can differ from homeowner to homeowner, chef to chef, and consumer to consumer, based on their personal preference. But nowadays, the market is flooded with the latest models of the best induction cooktop in India

There are many benefits for consumers for choosing induction cooktops like quick transfer of heat to the cookware, safe to use, variable temperature setting, cool-to-touch surface, easy to clean, and modern designs suiting all home decors. You can buy induction cooktop with perfect size, shape, capacity, and features. Choosing the most suitable induction cooktop for your home will be based on the feature you require in it. Before moving onto the features of a cooktop, lets us understand how does an induction cooktop work. 

How Do Induction Cooktops Work?

Induction cooktops produce an electromagnetic field to generate energy around their glass surface. This energy creates heat at the base of the cookware position right over the cooktop. However, the surface of the cooktop stays cool due to the induction cooking. The electromagnetic field between the stove and cookware makes your food to cook quickly by heating the cooktop, rather than heating the cooktop. 

Important Features Of The Best Induction Cooktop In India

Safety Feature

Some of the Top 10 best induction cooktop models come with high-performance safety sensors to monitor the temperature of the cookware base. The safety sensor also handles the adjustment of the power output in order to prevent any damage to the hob or cookware. Therefore, getting an induction cooktop with a safety sensor can ensure the highest levels of safety.

Auto Shut-Off

This feature will automatically turn the heating element off or slow down in the case of overheating. The cooktop will also get switched off if you remove the cookware. Most of the Top 10 best induction cooktop in India  models have this feature. 

Auto Heat-Up

The auto heat-up feature is extremely important, especially when you are cooking rice. This feature enables the cooking zone to heat to a high-temperature, and then automatically turn down to a preset temperature after a certain interval of time. Auto heat-up is important when you want to boil something initially and then want to be simmer. 

Overflow Protection 

The induction cooktop may turn off and a deep sound indicates a spill overflow onto the controls. Then, you can clean the spill, and start cooking again. 

Pan Detection

Found in the best induction cooktop models, this feature will enable an induction cooktop to work its functioning if there is no pan on the cooking zone. Also, if you remove the cookware from the cooking zone, the operation will automatically stop and a symbol will display. 

Undoubtedly, induction cooktops are more efficient and time-saving appliances than other ceramic cooktops. The above-mentioned features are must-have add-ons for any buyer who wants to buy Best induction cooktop with a perfect set of features. Therefore, pick the most suitable cooktop as per your cooking needs. To get 10% cashback with your cooktop purchase, you can shop through K2 Appliances. Wishing you good luck!


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