Why Cheese Curds Are Best Kept Frozen?

Cheese curds are squeaky pieces of fresh cheese mostly made from the process of cheddar cheese making. They are prepared in the cheese making and a perfect snack.

The flavour of cheese curds is mild with the same firmness as cheese but with a rubbery or springy texture.The fresh cheese curds squeak when bitten against the teeth, we can say it is the defining characteristic of Cheese Curds.

You can find multiple varieties of cheese curds;the American typeis commonly yellow or orange like most American cheddar cheeses. Other variations are usually white in colour.

Cheese curds have unique characteristics, i.e., the squeakiness. Usually, the squeakiness of the cheese curds retains for 24 hours. To preserve the “squeak,” the cheese is often kept frozen.

Cheese curds can be eaten in a variety of ways, sometimes they are eaten raw or sometimes breaded in beer batter and deep-fried, especially in Wisconsin.

Cheese curds are the main ingredient of the Canadian dish ‘Poutine,’ in which cheese curds are layered on top of French fries, and then steaming hot brown gravy is added on top.

The bottom line, Cheese curds are super delicious. They have a mild texture andare high in many nutrients, theyconsist of proteins, vitamins, and minerals like calcium, phosphorus, and selenium. If you are looking to lose weight or gain weight, cheese curds can be the most beneficial food item to include in your diet.

In the cheese manufacturing process, when the milk is clotted, and the water is removed, then a cheese-like tough structure is formed. The protein mesh held together with calcium makes the cheese curds tough.

When you bite the cheese curd, the tough mesh resists you biting through it. The resistance causes the squeak becauseit rubs across your teeth.

In just a week, the calcium dissolves from the protein, making the cheese curds softer. At that time, when you chew it, there will be no squeak.Putting the cheese curds in the microwave for a few seconds allows them to regain the squeak.

You might be wondering how to cheesemakers maintain a squeak of cheese when shipping across the country, the answer is thatthey freeze them.

Cheese curds are frozen by using the IQF technique, which means faster freezing time. By reducing the freezing time, the texture and the nutrients of the cheese curds are well preserved.

Freezing allows cheese curds to retain moisture for a longer time and is the best way to extend the limited squeak time of the cheese curds. By freezing them, you can use the cheese curds for up to 4 months.

This is also economical as you can buy cheese curds in bulk and store them for a long time,also freezing cheese curds will help you retain the flavour. However, it is crucial to know how to freeze the cheese curds so that you don’t spoil them.

Make sure you keep the cheese curds safe from freezer burn and also don’t let them clump together or get squished in the freezer. I do not have to worry about this because I always buy fresh cheese curds from Pure Dairy.

They are sourced from Wisconsin and are Individually Quick Frozen.Their storage and freezing process also helps me control the portion sizes and reduce wastage.


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