6 Dishes You Should Order in a Mexican Restaurant

Mexican cuisine has a never-ending list of delicacies which have gained popularity worldwide. This popularity has made it possible for anyone to find a Mexican restaurant even at a non-Mexican location such as Las Casuelas Nuevas in Rancho Mirage California. You need to go to your chosen best Mexican restaurant to enjoy these delicacies. Among the infinite number of Mexican dishes, here are six meals you need to try.

1.      Quesadilla

This cheesy delicacy, mostly popular among children, has corn or flour tortilla, filled mainly with cheese. Some variants also have meats, vegetables, and spices in the filling. Salsa and guacamole are the chief garnishes.

2.      Carne Asada

It is the Mexican take on a roasted beef. It usually favors the use of skirt, tenderloin or rib steaks. The meat is grilled only after margination. It gives the dish its remarkable charred flavor. It acts as a standalone dish, as well as an ingredient in many dishes.

3.      Enchiladas

It is a perfect Mexican breakfast recipe that includes corn tortillas wrapped around a filling. The filling consists of meat, cheese, potato, seafood, vegetables, and combinations. The earliest version used fishes. The dish uses cover sauces such as salsa, moles, and Chile con queso for serving.

4.      Tacos

It is a notably popular Mexican street food. There are many varieties of tacos. Historically speaking, Lebanese and Syrian immigrants brought the recipe to Mexico. It consists of a tortilla enveloping a filling. The filling can include beef, pork, vegetables, and cheese. It uses salsa, guacamole, and salad for garnishing.

5.      Guacamole

Guacamole is notably one of the most popular Mexican dips. But it is more than that, as the dish is of Aztec-era. This mashed avocado dip has onions, lemon juice, tomatoes, chili peppers, and sometimes garlic to contribute to the taste.

6.      Chilaquiles

It is a popular Mexican breakfast dish and has a constant presence in Mexican brunch menus. It is the iconic chips and salsa dish, with the addition of scrambled or fried eggs, pulled chicken, cheese, and cream. The chips are fried or baked corn tortillas, cut in quarters. Green or red salsa and a nice number of frijoles or refried beans during the serve. Red salsa is the spicier one, and the most popular one among the two.

To enjoy these delicacies, all you need is to visit your best Mexican restaurant.

Note: You don’t need to go to Mexico for the purpose. Neither does your restaurant need to be in Mexico. A Mexican restaurant Las Casuelas Nuevas in Rancho Mirage California on a non-Mexican location can do the trick too.

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