Type Of Machinery For A Bakery According To Its Functions

If you are thinking of starting a business, it is important that you first determine what you are going to do and what machinery you need for a bakery. What functions are you going to carry out and how to solve them? Next, we show you a complete list of the most important ones.

For the preparation of bread

The first group of machinery that you need for a bakery is the one that aims to prepare the bread before being fermented and baked. In this sense, one of the most remarkable is the  mixer , vital to obtain quality products. There are three types:

Arms kneader

This first model is robust and is reinforced with steel wheels and hardened axles; in addition, it works with a timer and has a safety grid. Without a doubt, the simplest and most basic option.

Fixed spiral mixer

In addition to being robust, it has a silent operation, since it uses a spiral arm to knead and works in several cycles, which the user chooses. Once it is finished, it stops automatically thanks to the adjustable timers and makes it possible to reverse the rotation of the tundish.

Tipping Spiral Mixer

Considered the most sophisticated for working with a spiral arm like the previous model, it facilitates the manual unloading of the dough, which was one of the drawbacks encountered by those who use fixed mixers. However, whichever mixer you choose, your business should also have a dough divider, especially if you are going to produce delicate dough breads, such as baguettes or ciabatta.

The common thing is that these are semi-automatic in order to speed up the work, but always under your supervision. In addition, most models can work with hydrated doughs as well as sourdoughs. As for shaping the final product, the machine that will help you the most with this is the bar former. With this, you can carry out a progressive lengthening of each unit through its system of rollers.

For The Fermentation Process

Fermentation is that slow biochemical process that produces a true bread dough. For this, in today’s bakeries, machines are used that provide the ideal and precise environmental conditions; it is the controlled fermentation chamber, in which the humidity and temperature parameters are adjustable, continuous and controllable. The loaves are placed inside it and, once the corresponding period has elapsed, it warns that the content is ready for the next step: baking in an oven. Choosing one or another model of machinery that you need for a bakery will depend on the kitchen space and the average production per hour or per day.

For Baking

Ovens are the most popular bakery machinery you need on the market due to their important function and the wide variety of models at your disposal. You can get one from schaumburg specialties Its three main ones are the following:


  • The small convection oven


This type of oven distributes the hot air inside the chamber, ensuring uniform cooking. It is perfect for producing small quality productions, so it is recommended for bakeries or pastry shops that sell their products directly to their customers in their own premises.


  • The annular tube furnaces


This other type is more sophisticated, since it also uses a heating system with steam circulation, but with closed circuit tubes. Ideal for traditional bakeries with large productions.