What are the BITZER Compressor Equipment?

Here we are going to introduce you all to another manufacturing facility that works on manufacturing compressors and food processing machines. They are known for refrigeration and air conditioning technologies, being the key elements of their world. The BITZER Group has made a strong contribution in the food processing and manufacturing industry with innovative products and services for more than 86 years.

BITZER products maintain the optimum temperatures not only in processing or industrial applications but also on transport facilities like that of buses, trains, and in buildings; ensuring food stays fresh at all times on its way to you. Their operations and manufacturing are all about perfection, precision, the efficiency of productivity, and sustainability via their way of thinking. With precise and efficient specialist skills and lots of passion, BITZER promotes development in compressor technology and, with this passage, fulfill their responsibility as a market leader.

World famous manufracter

BITZER is a world-famous manufacturer and has ties with different manufacturing utilities. That run with their structure and design. With local roots and a global presence, BITZER SE is represented in more than 90 countries with 72 locations and over 3,800 employees. That is a fairly large presence. They are determined to provide you the EFFICIENT SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR APPLICATIONS. The challenges within the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry are diverse, require you to have more dynamic approaches, and customer-oriented application and manufacturing. That is why the industry requires optimistic and presentable solutions. With its large portfolio of products and services, BITZER has something to offer with the right solutions for any application.

BITZER offers SEMI-HERMETIC reciprocating compressors that are universal with their approach and environment-friendly. Eco line reciprocating compressors offer high cooling capacity with minimal energy requirements and are optimized for exaggerated and greenhouse emissions. These come with different variants and options that suit your industry and are radicalized for your industries.

With BITZER compressors processing machines and refrigerators, certain temperature levels could be attained precisely and constantly. So that you might not have any problem with your industrial processes. In industry, this reliability and precision is all every industry need and has been categorized as an irrefutable guarantee of efficiency, safety, and quality, as well as, deliverance. The more consistent the cooling procedure will be, the more stable your overall industrial processes will be and the more precise and target-oriented your industry will be.


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