Why You Must Use Persian Saffron In Your Cuisine

A palatable dish rich in color, aroma and texture is outcome of current blend of exceptional quality spices. In the huge list of spices, saffron is the one that is exclusive in nature. Persian saffron stands out more in exclusivity because of its origin and aroma. This exotic spice from Persia or present day Iran can add beautiful color to the dishes where it is applicable. Apart from good looks, Persian Saffron serves some interesting purposes in cuisine, which are:

    1. It imparts appealing aroma to the dishes: Aroma is one of the features that can pull people to eating table most easily. Saffron makes the dishes super aromatic just in a pinch.
    2. It adds health to the dish: Saffron is believed to have some anti-oxidants that help fight free radicals. Thus, you are actually increasing body’s immunity by consuming saffron the diet way.


  • Suitable for wide variety of recipes: Whether you are preparing a drink or kehwa, or you have a rice dish in mind, saffron can enhance the flavor and look of any recipe you try. It is one of the most versatile spices that find their use in both foods and beverages.


Ascertain genuineness of saffron before use

Saffron is a rare spice. It is essential to ascertain its authenticity before shelling out premium price tag it comes with. It is worth noticing that when dissolved in water, saffron makes the water red, but when this is put into food, the actual color should come out to be yellow. This can also be an easy way to find about the genuineness of this spice.

Saffron is la extraordinaire. It takes about lakhs of flowers to get one kg of saffron. Also, the medicinal properties of this spice add more health to the food you prepare using it. Visit the genuine saffron shop today and give your dishes an exotic makeover with a pinch of this magical spice.